Department of Transportation Physicals

Natrona County and Fremont County

Commercial drivers are required to pass a Department of Transportation physical examination to obtain or maintain a Commercial Driver’s License. Community Health Center of Central Wyoming provides this important service at our health centers in Casper, Dubois, and Riverton.

Commercial drivers must follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and are required to present a current Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Certificate when applying for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Wyoming.

Whether you need an annual physical or a physical every two years, our healthcare experts are ready to help. Better yet, appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome within the normal operating hours of our health centers in Casper, Dubois, and Riverton.

What to Expect
You can expect a rigorous physical examination, including a comprehensive discussion about your medical history.

  • We test your vision, hearing, and blood pressure.
  • We check for obvious signs of health problems, including the function of your liver, and we listen to your heart, lungs, and chest.
  • We evaluate your musculoskeletal system to verify range of motion with no limitations or tenderness.
  • A neurological assessment is included to check equilibrium, speech patterns, and reflexes.

What to Bring
Please bring a list of your current medications, along with your regular dosage. If you are receiving care from a medical provider, please bring their contact information.

Next Step
Please visit locations for contact information for our health centers in Casper, Dubois, and Riverton. We are happy to answer your questions!

To save even more time, complete our Patient Registration Form prior to your visit.

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