CHCCW welcomes Dr. Baum to Casper!

April 20, 2023
Dr. Steven Baum, MDDr. Baum joins the Family Medicine team in Casper, WY.

Dr. Baum was pulled to practice medicine in Wyoming because “the land to population ratio is very attractive. I love being in wide open spaces, there is something very liberating and peaceful about it. We were told we would find “Salt of the Earth” kind of people in Casper, which is something my wife and I were happy to confirm when we came to interview and visit.”

Community Health appealed to Dr. Baum as a perfect fit. “I have worked for many different organizations throughout my life and have learned to discern a good work culture from a bad one. It was very easy to see that CHCCW cares a great deal about their employees and patients. It’s a bummer I didn’t end up here sooner!”

Dr. Baum is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Prior to attending college, he served an LDS mission in Arizona. He was a TACP in the United States Air Force with duty stations in Germany and Iraq. He has worked as a primary care physician as well as an urgent care physician. He also served as Medical Director to a Veterans facility in Yuma, Arizona. In this time, he developed his philosophy on patient-centered care: “I view the doctor-patient relationship like a partnership, one in which decisions about your health are only made together. I believe facilitating healthy lifestyles is the best kind of medicine. Improving your quality of life is not only my goal as a physician, but also the most rewarding aspect of my career.”

Dr. Baum has a passion for physical fitness and believes that facilitating healthy lifestyles is the best kind of medicine. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, fly fishing, staying physically active, riding his motorcycle, fantasy football, and is a regular practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu. “I am looking forward to catching some fish and becoming part of the CHCCW family!”

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